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Travel Guide: A Day In The Channel Islands

We woke up before the sun even considered rising to get ready and prep all of our gear for the day.  We had been planning and anticipating our adventure to the Channel Islands for months, only for me to come down with the world’s most terrible, inconvenient cold the day before.  Krystal had suffered through the same cold the first half of our trip (and then passed it on to me… thanks sis). My backpack was stuffed with lots of water,…

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Fashionista Without A Cause

Somewhere between the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree National Park, Krystal and I spontaneously pulled over to the side of the road. We were halfway in the dessert, but still had a cool view of the mountains-I’d never been anywhere or seen anything like it! The sun was beating down hard that day too, making the area feel much more desolate, and me in desperate need of a popsicle. This Marrakech velvet bomber jacket makes me feel like the female…

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The Perfect Pair

These new Sorel Boots are my version of Dorothy’s red slippers. They’re super chic, glamorous, and the perfect statement piece if you love wearing brightly colored tights like me! There’s no tongue on the boot, so the color or design on whatever tights or socks you wear will show through which adds a fun twist to any look. I also love that they have a wedge heel, it gives me just a little more height so I can reach the…

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Breeders’ Cup

Lets just get real here, this post is all about the day I met Taylor Lautner. Enjoy the other stuff too, but lets get the important stuff out of the way first. I don’t think anyone understands how much I loved Twilight growing up, and yes, I’m admitting to that right here on the Internet for the whole world to read. I was such a huge fan that when I saw him I knew if I didn’t ask for a…

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