About Me


Hi, I’m Kayla Pigg (oink oink)! I grew up in a small Kentucky town with my nose stuck in a book and aspirations of becoming the next Nancy Drew (it didn’t go well). Fashion wasn’t really a big deal in my town, so my passion for it made me stick out like a sore thumb, but I didn’t really mind. I LOVE to travel! My sister Krystal is my best friend/ photographer and we love to take road trips, adventure, jam out in the car, and eat candy for lunch on the road. My diagnosis of Lupus at 17 was one of the things that made me want to get out, travel, and really experience the world more. Follow along with my all of my adventures, and maybe I’ll see you on the road!



Wanna work together? I promise I don’t bite!

I’m always up for a collaboration (aka makin’ some new friends). So I’d love to hear from you! For all sponsorship, advertising, or collaboration opportunities you can reach me at:


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