My Lovely Wife- Book Review

Tired of wondering whodunnit? No worries! My Lovely Wife lets you know who did it right from the top. You may be asking “Why?” or saying “But what’s the point in that?” WELL:

My Lovely Wife isn’t your typical psychological thriller… we know whodunnit because our main character is part of the crime.


That’s right ladies and gentleman- but wait, there’s more. While our protagonist may think he knows everything, he certainly doesn’t. My Lovely Wife will keep you guessing and have your jaw dropping until the very last sentence. Set in a squeaky clean suburban area where everything seems squeaky clean, you’ll be second guessing perceptions of everyone you meet.

My Lovely Wife is the perfect novel to shake up a reading rut. I love to read a good mystery or psychological thriller, but lets get real- most of the books that fall into this category follow the same ole pattern. When a book comes along and breaks the mold, it’s SO refreshing! That’s why you need to add My Lovely Wife to your list. If you read My Lovely Wife, lemme know!

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