Again, But Better: Review

You know that moment when you’re walking around a bookstore and your arms are full but you just don’t wanna go yet? Well, that’s how I found this book. I was strolling the shelves for probably the twelfth time when I spotted it. I picked it up and the sleeve said it was written by an influencer- I was instantly skeptical. If there’s one thing I can’t stand when reading- it’s terrible writing. Good writing makes you feel like you’re part of the story, bad writing makes you feel like you’re on the couch watching Bravo after eating too many chips, just bleh.

Turns out, I didn’t have to worry about the writing at all because I was instantly enthralled into the story. Shane reminded me of myself in that she was doing college “all wrong” aka when you’re an introvert and not interested in puking your guts out in a frat bathroom. ANYWAY, because she felt like she wasn’t getting the full college experience, Shane carefully planned a semester to study abroad for her dream subject (creative writing) and NOT Pre med AKA what her family thinks she’s studying.

This book isn’t about the college experience though. It’s about living your best life and going for what you want when it’s there and how awesome life can be if you just go for it.

I picked this book up and stayed up all night reading it until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore and then had to finish it the following day. I couldn’t stand not knowing what was going to happen!

If you’re looking for a quick synopsis, here it is: Shane is a college gal who has spent her whole college life trying to make her folks happy (ahem, the reason she’s Pre-med and not a creative writing major). She travels to London and decides to have a fresh start when BAM there’s a hot cool guy named Pilot on her floor. What could go wrong? Well, we all know something does or it’d be a really boring book. I’m not giving away any spoilers, but I can tell you that we get taken on a 17 Again esque journey.

If you don’t add this to your reading list, you’re crazy. It’s fun, fresh, and you will totally get emotionally invested in Shane’s story. I’m actually kinda jealous of those of you who get to discover this read for the first time. If you read Again, But Better lemme know. I wanna hear your thoughts!

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