Our Stay At The Historical Sacajawea Hotel

On our recent road trip out west, Krystal and I drove all day from Jacksonhole Wyoming to Three Forks Montana eagerly awaiting our relaxing stay at the Sacajawea. After a few days of full schedules and a lot of driving, we were looking forward to settling in and not worrying about having to be on the move for a few days.

The Sacajawea is a luxurious and historical hotel tucked away in the small town of Three Forks Montana. It’s the perfect place to go if you’re looking to escape all the chaos of your daily life with relaxing porch sitting, amazing meals, and the best western hospitality you’ll ever receive.

Upon arrival, our host greeted us warmly offering us each a glass of complementary champagne with check in- who could refuse?! Eager to get up to our room, we began lugging our heavy suitcases inside until our host insisted on carrying them up to our room for us. Since the Sacajawea is a historical hotel, they don’t have an elevator, but are extremely accommodating of this. If you appreciate the small things, this is definitely the place for you!

Our room was charming; embracing all of the historical aspects of the hotel while still having an updated feel. From our room, we could see the mountain range in the distance and even watched the fireworks go off from there on the fourth of July. One of our favorite parts about our stay was having breakfast in bed every morning. Every night you select items from a menu card consisting of pastries, granola, yogurt, and more, then selecting what time you would like for your complimentary breakfast to arrive in the morning. Then, just like magic, a staff member is there at your selected time with your yummy food that you didn’t even have to change out of your pajamas to go and get it!

If you want to explore the town a bit or just get out for a little exercise, you can check out a bike from the hotel. Krystal and I rode our bikes to the market a few blocks away, the mountain range in view the entire time.

After our bike ride, we relaxed on the porch with drinks from the Sac Bar. We were so relaxed rocking back and forth with the breeze while we gazed at the mountains that I could have fallen asleep there waiting for dinner time to roll around.

After a relaxing day filled with proper porch sitting and bike riding, we were starving. Krystal and I made sure to make a reservation at the Pompey’s grill when we checked in. We recommend you make a reservation too because this place is popular (and for good reason). Our food was so divine that we ended up eating there two nights in a row!

The chef sent out some amuses for us to try, one of which was a jalapeno scallop. This isn’t on the menu, but we loved it so much we ended up requesting an entrée of scallops made this way our second night eating here and the chef was more than happy to oblige.

Krystal ordered the Bibb Wedge salad which was surprisingly sweet and savory topped with spiced walnuts, maple sugar bacon, and a honey vinaigrette I couldn’t get enough of. I snuck one too many bites of Krystal’s salad, so on our second night we both ordered our own.

For my entrée, I ordered the Sea scallops which were perfectly juicy. Topped with a balsamic vinaigrette and layered upon forbidden black rice, I practically licked my plate clean and came back the next day craving more. Krystal’s entrée was the Stuffed Anaheim Peppers.

Our bellies were already full, but when our waiter mentioned a Chocolate Mousse on the dessert menu, we couldn’t resist. Breaking the shell was almost as satisfying as devouring every last fluffy bite.

On our second day at the Sacajawea, we went to nearby Yellowstone National Park. We got to stamp our National Park passports and see buffalo as well as breathtaking views like the grand canyon of yellowstone which I didn’t want to take my eyes off of!

We didn’t want our time at the Sacajawea to end, but I’m sure we’ll be back soon!

Thank you so much to the Sacajawea for our wonderful stay!


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