$30 Pinup Swimsuit

I’ve never been much of a two-piece swimsuit gal because they’re never really flattering. They always seem to hit just at the wrong spot and accentuate my food baby, making me wish I hadn’t had dessert like, ever. High waisted two-piece swimsuits though, have totally changed the game. The bottoms come up high enough that they cover up that whole muffin top/ love handle/ what did I eat area. Plus it has a cool vintage vibe and isn’t that fun?!

Swimsuits are usually really expensive too, which is a big reason why I dread shopping for them (I can literally hear my wallet whimper). This fabulous two-piece from Amazon has changed the way I think about buying my swimsuits though because it’s only 30$ and it looks and feels great too! Why spend more when you can get something that’s exactly the same for a whole lot less?!

Outfit Details:

Red Vintage Polka Dot Swimsuit

Wildfox Couture Kitten Sunglasses


St. George Island, Florida

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