A Day In Key West

Key West is one of those places that makes you want to wear bright colors and explore. It still blows my mind that we were able to reach all of our destinations with just a bike ride. I’m so used to having to hop in my car to go anywhere that the idea of riding bikes to sightsee was foreign. One day packed full of explorations and I felt like I could really say I had been to Key West and experienced it too.


Dressing practically for our full day was an absolute must. As someone with Lupus, I have to be really conscious of my attire, especially in places where the sun is harsher than what my body is used to. This means lighter clothes, hats, and comfy shoes. I tend to overheat easily, so a dress is always a good choice for a warmer day. The material of this Anthropologie Seapane Dress is so light and breathable, especially with the cutouts in the back. Bonus: the knee length is just right so you don’t flash anyone while riding your bike!


The Charelston Rancher hat has become an essential in my wardrobe this summer. If I’m going to be out in the sun for a while, a hat is always a must. I love being able to find versatile hats that will look good with dresses, casual outfits, or even with bathing suits for the pool.


I’m typically not a flip flop kind of gal; I practically live in flats. But when there’s an ocean near, it’s time to bring out the flip-flops. I really like the versatile and classic look of these Sanuks. They’re so much more than your basic pair because of the super soft yoga mat soles. They’ll make you understand why everyone goes barefoot for yoga.


Fort Zachary Taylor is like a step back in time. The actual fort itself is breathtaking, but when you go beyond that you really see the magnificent view. The beach with its crystal clear blue waters was GORGEOUS. We took a walk along the coastline and were lucky enough to watch some of the sailboats pass. The actual fort though, is intriguing with its wrap around brick walls and cannons straight out of our history books.





Then we set our sights on the southernmost point. This place is apparently always pretty crowded, but we found ourselves surrounded with refreshment carts, so we parked our bikes and treated ourselves to some snow cones in the shade instead of waiting for a picture in the midday sun.


Fun fact about Key West: CHICKENS. It was so odd that there were so many running rampant everywhere we went. We’d turn a corner, CHICKEN. I now know where Alfred Hitchcock must have gotten his inspiration for “Birds” (and the movie was scary enough). Apparently, they’ve been roaming the island for almost two hundred years since the first settlers brought them over. With time they became less of a commodity and more of a symbol of the island even earning the nickname “gypsy chickens”.




The massive bookworm in me couldn’t visit Key West without visiting the Ernest Hemingway home. I couldn’t resist seeing the place Hemingway fell in love with so much that he stayed and wrote “To Have and Have Not”. Since the sun had been beating down on us all day, the air conditioning (and fans) were a total blessing. It was also fun to get to pet the famous Hemingway cats (or at least try to, because they pretty much ignored us)!






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Anthropologie Seapane Dress, Previous Season, Similar Here

Anthropologie Charleston Rancher Hat, Sold Out, Similar Here

Sanuk Yoga Bliss Flip Flops

Michael Kors Tahiti Sunglasses


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