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From Here To Somerset

Just because you aren’t on vacation, doesn’t mean you can’t do a little exploring in your home state. In Kentucky, sometimes it seems all there is to see is horses, farms, and race tracks. Every once in a while though, you can uncover things you never knew existed. My sister Krystal and I set out to explore Louisville, only about two hours away from our home of Lexington. It’s a much bigger bustling version of Lexington so, when you’re itching…

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The Not So Secret Garden

During our trip to Colorado, my sister and I were lucky enough to get to stay super close to Garden of the Gods. It was practically a necessity to drive through once a day. You can’t go anywhere within the park without seeing something amazing; we even ran into a family of deer one day! The print of this dress has a really cool western vibe it really makes it unique. The fabric is flowy, so the two lines of…

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The Dunes Day Quest

The photos in this post were taken at one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen. I never thought a place like Great Sand Dunes National Park existed in the states. When the dunes first came into view, they looked just like a painting, but knowing they were real was absolutely mind blowing. Too bad walking through the dunes wasn’t quite as magical as looking at them. It was freezing, windy, and of course sandy. It feels like walking…

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Cate The Great And The Swampy Cove

Even if you have lived somewhere your entire life you can still find magical places around. I like to think of Kentucky Horse Park as one of those spots; in the spring there is a field of weeds so beautiful you would swear it was a purposefully planted with purple flowers. This time of year it’s dead of course, but that doesn’t mean the Horse Park doesn’t still have a few tricks up its sleeve. The Cove always reminds me…

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