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Lauren James Mystery Box

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with mysteries. It didn’t matter whether it was the contents of the presents under our Christmas tree, or who the killer was on CSI. I had to know. Nancy Drew, the sleuthing queen, was my role model. Through her I became a sleuth master and learned exactly how to solve every mystery… except maybe what was going to be inside my Lauren James Mystery Box. This black Friday Lauren James has cultivated the perfect…

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Lauren James Taylor Oxford Dress

My family has been going to St. George Island, Florida for vacation since before I was born. Located just a twenty minute drive away from the island though, is a small historic fishing town called Apalachicola. The little fishing town is filled with lush green palm trees, beautiful historic homes, a quiet river, and a deep blue bay where if you watch for a few moments you may see an alligator or a manatee swim right by. Finding a well…

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