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Lupus & Walgreens Wake Up Call

Hello? Walgreens? My Wake Up Call? Thank you! As a gal living with Lupus, taking my medication is one of the most important parts of my day. It’s the thing I do before I go to sleep every night, and if I don’t do it I feel like a completely different human. Fatigue, migraines, you name it- I’ll probably experience it as a side effect. If you have Lupus, or any chronic Illness like me, odds are you know exactly…

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My Lupus Diagnosis Journey

I’ve been wanting to make this video about my Lupus diagnosis journey for a while. It’s something I’ve felt was important to share because when you have an autoimmune disease or even just think you could have one, it can feel like you’re totally alone and that no one can relate to what you’re going through. That’s so not true and I want everyone going through what I went through and continue to experience on a day to day basis…

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