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If You Give A Pigg A Pattern

If you’re not from the area it may sound surprising to find out that the Lexington cemetery is one of the most peaceful and beautiful places in central Kentucky. In the spring and summer there are gorgeous beds of tulips and the whole cemetery is filled with lush green trees. As a kid I always looked forward to going to the ponds and feeding the geese and ducks, provided they were in a good mood. If they aren’t, I’d highly…

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Cate The Great And The Swampy Cove

Even if you have lived somewhere your entire life you can still find magical places around. I like to think of Kentucky Horse Park as one of those spots; in the spring there is a field of weeds so beautiful you would swear it was a purposefully planted with purple flowers. This time of year it’s dead of course, but that doesn’t mean the Horse Park doesn’t still have a few tricks up its sleeve. The Cove always reminds me…

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