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My Lovely Wife- Book Review

Tired of wondering whodunnit? No worries! My Lovely Wife lets you know who did it right from the top. You may be asking “Why?” or saying “But what’s the point in that?” WELL: My Lovely Wife isn’t your typical psychological thriller… we know whodunnit because our main character is part of the crime. DUN DUN DDDUUUUUUUNNNNNN! That’s right ladies and gentleman- but wait, there’s more. While our protagonist may think he knows everything, he certainly doesn’t. My Lovely Wife will…

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The Family Upstairs: Review

Ok, lets talk mysteries AKA my favorite subject. I grew up fascinated by mysteries. Honestly, who didn’t? At the innocent age of six, I would BEG my mom to let me watch CSI. I was convinced I was going to grow up to solve all of the worlds mysteries from the Zodiac to Area 51. Obviously, I didn’t and probably won’t. Especially since I can barely remember what I did last weekend, let alone pick apart the evidence of crime…

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Again, But Better: Review

You know that moment when you’re walking around a bookstore and your arms are full but you just don’t wanna go yet? Well, that’s how I found this book. I was strolling the shelves for probably the twelfth time when I spotted it. I picked it up and the sleeve said it was written by an influencer- I was instantly skeptical. If there’s one thing I can’t stand when reading- it’s terrible writing. Good writing makes you feel like you’re…

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