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Big Little Adventures

We visited North Cascades National Park on a recommendation from Bella Bucchiotti, we weren’t disappointed. When we first saw the lake I would have sworn someone had just taken a massive bottle of food dye to it, there was just no way that occurred naturally. I kept saying “It’s so blue!” so many times I’m pretty sure Krystal wouldn’t have minded kicking me out of the car just to get me to shut up.If there’s one thing I look forward…

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A Day At Mount Rainier (Part One)

One of the coolest days of our trip to the Pacific Northwest was the day we got to hang out with the wonderful Bella Bucchiotti! We’d found each other on Instagram about a year ago, and discovered we had so much in common. There was no way we couldn’t meet when we were going to be so close! We spent the day on an epic road trip to Mount Rainier, took Bella to Chick-fil-A for the first time, sang way…

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