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Pretty Pink Jon Hart Luggage

It never fails that every time I go somewhere, I leave with more than I intended to. I, Kayla Pigg, am a notorious over-packer. Whether it’s the snacks I stash in my purse when I’m headed out the door or outfits for vacation, you can bet I’ve got extra. Which is why I’m always on the lookout for great luggage. Packing is the worst– you only have so much room to fit everything you’re going to need for the next…

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$30 Amazon Striped Swimsuit

This summer I (very skeptically) ordered three gorgeous swimsuits off of Amazon.  Since they were all under $30, I wasn’t expecting much, but they are surprisingly well made and have turned into my new favorites! This one piece is awesome because it has such a striking yet sophisticated look with a way different price tag than basically all other swimsuits of its style.  Like, a $100 difference. This fabulous swimsuit has a flattering high waist, which for all of you…

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$30 Pinup Swimsuit

I’ve never been much of a two-piece swimsuit gal because they’re never really flattering. They always seem to hit just at the wrong spot and accentuate my food baby, making me wish I hadn’t had dessert like, ever. High waisted two-piece swimsuits though, have totally changed the game. The bottoms come up high enough that they cover up that whole muffin top/ love handle/ what did I eat area. Plus it has a cool vintage vibe and isn’t that fun?!…

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Lauren James Taylor Oxford Dress

My family has been going to St. George Island, Florida for vacation since before I was born. Located just a twenty minute drive away from the island though, is a small historic fishing town called Apalachicola. The little fishing town is filled with lush green palm trees, beautiful historic homes, a quiet river, and a deep blue bay where if you watch for a few moments you may see an alligator or a manatee swim right by. Finding a well…

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A Day In Key West

Key West is one of those places that makes you want to wear bright colors and explore. It still blows my mind that we were able to reach all of our destinations with just a bike ride. I’m so used to having to hop in my car to go anywhere that the idea of riding bikes to sightsee was foreign. One day packed full of explorations and I felt like I could really say I had been to Key West…

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Macarons At Noon

What’s cool about Key West is being able to just walk around and explore. Your car is almost useless for a lack of parking, and everything is within a walk or bike ride. We didn’t have to explore for too long before we found our location, the porch of our hotel. NYAH was one of the cutest places I’ve stayed at in a while. There were multiple pools, the cutest pink chairs in the lobby, and a happy hour with…

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