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The Not So Secret Garden

During our trip to Colorado, my sister and I were lucky enough to get to stay super close to Garden of the Gods. It was practically a necessity to drive through once a day. You can’t go anywhere within the park without seeing something amazing; we even ran into a family of deer one day! The print of this dress has a really cool western vibe it really makes it unique. The fabric is flowy, so the two lines of…

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The Dunes Day Quest

The photos in this post were taken at one of the most beautiful locations I’ve ever seen. I never thought a place like Great Sand Dunes National Park existed in the states. When the dunes first came into view, they looked just like a painting, but knowing they were real was absolutely mind blowing. Too bad walking through the dunes wasn’t quite as magical as looking at them. It was freezing, windy, and of course sandy. It feels like walking…

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A Clockwork Pink

The best things always happen when you aren’t expecting them; that’s exactly how my sister and I stumbled upon these gorgeous cherry blossom trees in the middle of Colorado Springs. We were on our way to go get burgers so we definitely weren’t expecting to run into something so beautiful, especially when there was nothing blooming in a five-mile radius.     This dress is that “wow” piece we all go looking for when we need something special to wear.…

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide To Peplum

Spring gets me so excited to re-vamp my wardrobe with fun prints and colors. This beauty is from The Black Market Boutique in Lexington; it’s so adorable and has so many different unique aspects to it. One of the very first things that drew me to this top was the shimmer of the fabric- it appears white, but when light catches the fabric, it has a glimmer to it. This print is so fun too, because it has little Frenchies…

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