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The Girl He Used To Know: Review

You know how they say you can’t judge a book by its cover? Well, I do that all the time. I love to browse at the bookstore, see what pops out at me, and read what those covers hold inside. This book called my name for weeks and I IGNORED IT because I thought the cover was too pretty for it to be a good book. I was obviously wrong. After giving in and buying a copy I immediately went…

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Easy Spooky Halloween Treats

Halloween is the coolest holiday, that, frankly doesn’t last long enough. As a kid I was obsessed with all things creepy, spooky, and mysterious… even if it wasn’t quite age appropriate (ft. my CSI obsession since age 6). When I was 7, I BEGGED my mom to let me be Cousin Itt from the Addams Family. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find wigs long enough to sew together (this was before online shopping was normal). So I went as Morticia Addams instead,…

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Lauren James Timeless Planner

In this day and age we rely on our cell phones for everything, but what happens when your phone breaks and you lose all of that information? We’ve all dropped our phones before and cringed as we watched our daily schedules, notes, and precious photos drop to their (possible) imminent death. This is why I’ve started writing everything down. Whether it’s my class schedule, work schedule, or my next vacay, having it all written down in a planner helps me…

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