Book Review: Attachments

You know those authors that never disappoint? Well, Rainbow Rowell is one of those authors for me. Her stories are always imaginative yet intimate at the same time and when I finish each novel I always want to cry. Why? Her characters feel so real that finishing a book feels like saying goodbye to an old friend. Basically reading a Rainbow Rowell book is like choosing to get on an emotional roller coaster for me. But, I LOVE IT.

I first read the synopsis of Attachments when I was in high school. Someone had recommended Eleanor and Park to me and I was like “I’ll save that one for when I need a really good read” boy am I glad I did because lord knows I wouldn’t have appreciated these stories when I was a dumb high school kid- especially this one. 

Attachments is about a guy named Lincoln who is just trying to figure out what he’s doing monitoring a company’s emails for a living. In the process of doing his job though, he gets emotionally invested into the lives of two women who work in the offices during the day. 

The more Lincoln reads their emails, the more he wants to meet them, get to know them, and more importantly find out what Beth looks like. Lincoln has been crushing on Beth and hating on her terrible boyfriend ever since he read her first email. Which in theory is sweet and all but honestly how would you feel if a guy came up to you and said he’s had a crush on you for a few months because he’s been reading you and your best friends emails AND he gets paid for it? Not the best feeling, right? Well that’s Lincoln’s predicament. 

This is an amazing romance novel about more than just some guy getting paid to read emails. It’s about life and how our experiences with it can change us forever and sometimes it’s for the best. 

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