The Family Upstairs: Review

Ok, lets talk mysteries AKA my favorite subject. I grew up fascinated by mysteries. Honestly, who didn’t? At the innocent age of six, I would BEG my mom to let me watch CSI. I was convinced I was going to grow up to solve all of the worlds mysteries from the Zodiac to Area 51. Obviously, I didn’t and probably won’t. Especially since I can barely remember what I did last weekend, let alone pick apart the evidence of crime scenes.

I’m a bit tough to impress when it comes to suspense novels. Why? Because it’s my goal to guess the ending. I wanna know whodunnit before I’m supposed to know whodunnit. My impatience usually always ruins the “big reveal”. The Family Upstairs kept me guessing until the very last sentence. I was floored and when I finished I couldn’t stop thinking about the ending for days.

The Family Upstairs takes place across multiple timelines and from multiple perspectives. It’s the story of a baby left abandoned in a cradle after the murder of three individuals and the disappearance of four more. The baby found crying by police grows up not knowing who she really is until her twenty fifth birthday. This is when she learns of her true identity and discovers she is to inherit a million dollar home in a swanky neighborhood in chelsea- the home where she was found years ago. What she doesn’t know is that there are other people who have been eagerly awaiting her twenty fifth birthday and they’re destined to collide as she tries to discover what really happened twenty five long years ago.

Basically this book is one of the coolest mysteries I’ve read in a long time. The premise is what caught my eye, but the beautiful writing kept me devouring each chapter one right after the other. If you like a good psychological thriller, this has to be added to your list.

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