Our Stay With The Andaz Maui

After a 2:30am wake up call, a 5:00am flight from Honolulu to Maui, and a morning spent playing above the clouds at Haleakala National Park, Krystal and I were so excited to head to our oasis on Maui, the Andaz. As we pulled up to the resort, I was instantly in awe of how beautiful and grand the building was. Stepping out of the car, we were greeted with beautiful, fragrant Orchid and Tuberose leis by the valet. We walked into the large open air entrance, passing pools of flowers, lily pads, and orchids until we were greeted by a friendly staff member.

Instead of the typical check in at a desk, we were taken to a large couch with a sweeping view of the resort and ocean. Before the check in process even began, she brought us cold towels to help wash off our travels, and refreshing lavender lemonade (we loved it so much that we ordered it at the pool the next day)!

We had everything we could possibly need and more at our fingertips. From our balcony, you could see the mountains of west Maui, the ocean, and the sparkling pools on the resort grounds. The fridge was filled with complimentary local beverages. There were also Maui Chips and Cookies for a snack! We loved that the bathroom had both a bathtub and a shower that could be separated from the rest of the bathroom by a privacy curtain as well as a toilet in its own separate room. This meant that if someone needed to shower and someone else needed to do their makeup or get into the closet area, you didn’t have to wait for the other to finish to continue getting ready. But the best part by far was that if you wanted, you could take a bubble bath with a view of the ocean!

Just as we were about to check out the pools, a knock came at the door. It was room service with a complimentary bottle of champagne, a veggie plate with truffle oil and hummus, taro chips, and a special note! We really couldn’t believe how everyone was going the extra mile to make us feel like we were right at home. The grounds and rooms are beautiful, but it’s the service that really sets the Andaz apart.

We walked down to the pools, our bottle of bubbly in tow. There are five different infinity pools on the property, one of which is an adult only pool. We chose our seats and a staff member came over to help us with our towels almost immediately. Pool seating is first come first serve at the Andaz, but we never had trouble finding a great place to sit. Staff members make sure you never have to lift a finger and will bring a towel to cover your chair, a towel for a headrest, and a towel to dry off with as well. There was also complimentary Sun Bum sunscreen and ice water by the pool.

After we finished our champagne, we walked down to the beach to watch the sunset. The sand on Maui was the softest I had ever felt. I could have spent the entirety of our stay pressing my toes into the soft sand and watching the waves roll in.

Our next day at the Andaz, we woke up with empty bellies fully prepared to have breakfast at the Ka’ana Kitchen. Or at least, we thought so. We chose the buffet, and there were so many choices that we had no idea where to begin. There were rows and rows of fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious meats, pastries both gluten free and non, an omelet bar, and even freshly squeezed juices. I filled my plate with everything I could. This was the first hotel we’d ever been to that actually had gluten free waffles! The gluten free passionfruit bread and banana bread were out of this world and tasted like the real thing. I raved about them to our waiter and another staff member who came to see how our meal was going because I loved them so much.

When we arrived back to our room after breakfast, we were surprised with a plate full of the gluten free breads I couldn’t get enough of at breakfast! Along with the breads came a sweet note from the Ka’ana kitchen. I don’t think we could have prepared ourselves for how amazing both the selection and the service was going to be at breakfast that morning!

We spent that afternoon driving the Road to Hana. Before we left for the day though, we scheduled an outrigger canoe lesson for the following morning with the beach crew. The Andaz offers so many complimentary experiences such as paddleboarding lessons, outrigger canoe lessons, and snorkeling gear. Our one regret during our stay was that we did not take advantage of every one of these experiences because they are so much fun!

Our outrigger canoe lesson began at 8:00 AM. Tip: the earlier you schedule your lesson, the better since the waves are smoother. Our guide began our lesson by instructing us on how to operate the canoe and paddle as well as how to get inside. Once we were out in the water was when the fun really started. The water was so clear and calm that we could see coral reefs, and saw schools of fish pass beneath us as our instructor told us about our surroundings. If you visit the Andaz, I highly recommend the outrigger canoe lesson! It is a wonderful way to begin your day!

After our outrigger canoe lesson, we went back up to the beach crew and asked to check out some snorkeling gear. We made our way down the beach a bit to where we saw others snorkeling, and suited up. This was my first-time snorkeling, and I was not disappointed. Swimming through the clear water, I began to approach a vibrant and lively coral reef. It felt almost like I was watching an episode of Planet Earth. Colorful fish one after the other swam by me not even noticing I was there. We saw fish of every color and shape swimming in and out of the reef. I spent a few minutes following a few fish around, just watching them swim completely fascinated by how stunning it all was. We didn’t want to say goodbye, but when the waves started getting rough and we grew tired, we decided it was time to go in.

We took in our last views of the sparkling shores from our balcony, showered and packed our bags. We could not have asked for a more wonderful stay. This was one hotel that I didn’t want to leave from the moment we arrived. Hopefully soon we will be back at the Andaz making more awesome memories!


Thank you to the Andaz Maui for our amazing stay!

Photography: Ginger Snaps

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