Lavender Valley

Lavender Valley is the kind of place I could imagine myself living if I were a Disney princess. Waking up everyday to the sweet scent of lavender, the hum of honeybees, and a view of Mount Hood wouldn’t be too shabby. I’d tend to the lavender everyday, and when my prince charming came to take me away to whatever princess duties I had, I’d probably tell him to go away and leave me and my lavender alone- I’m obviously busy.

There are some things you just can’t kick. For some people, it’s drinking a million cups of coffee, but for me, it’s my overalls. I (with zero shame) wear them at least a few times a week since they are the most ridiculously comfortable and convenient thing I have ever put on my body. They also add a cool twist to looks I typically would wear with my usual skinny jeans.

Each pair also has six deep convenient pockets that have made me realize how totally jealous I am that Kangaroos are born with a pouch. When I’m going just about anywhere in them, the front pocket is the perfect size for my phone, wallet, and keys leaving me totally hands free! BONUS: No more awkward plumber butt moments, and no more doing the pullin up your pants dance!

Outfit Details:

Free People Overalls

Off The Shoulder Top, Sold Out, Similar Here And Here

Superga Red Gingham Sneakers

Ray-Ban Club Masters


Lavender Valley, Oregon


Ginger Snaps

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