Our Stay At The Fontaine In Kansas City

When we walked into the Fontaine for the first time, we knew it was going to be unlike any other hotel we’d ever stayed at before. The whole space was so grand and stunning that I couldn’t believe we were really going to be staying in this beautiful space for the next two nights. There were chandeliers, sky high ceilings, and the prettiest while molding on the walls. It was perfection for a girly getaway, and we felt like royalty from the second we walked through the door!

After checking in, we were excited to head to our room on the 5th floor.  Even the hallways were pretty with black and white stripes and floor to ceiling windows throughout, giving them beautiful light in the afternoon.Our room was absolutely gorgeous with an lovely view of the surrounding neighborhoods making us feel right at home. Each of our beds had the prettiest blue headboards which I wish were for sale! We also had a huge bathroom with a rainfall shower that I absolutely loved after our long drive.  It was perfect for letting the hot water beat down your back for a few minutes… or twenty. There was also a nice sitting area which was perfect for getting a little work done before we went out that night.

Breakfast AKA The Most Important Meal Of The Day:

After an amazing nights rest in a bed so comfy I had to be pried away from it, we got ready and made our way down to breakfast in the Solarium Lounge. They had so many options that my head was spinning. There were cinnamon rolls, croissants, warm crispy bacon, sausage links, scrambled eggs, oatmeal, and practically anything you could think of. They had the best bacon!  It was juicy, crispy, and glistened like it had been sent straight from heaven. Honestly, I’d make the drive from Kentucky just for that.

The Pool:

Between breakfast and dinner, we were able to do a little exploring and fell in love with the rooftop pool! It was too chilly to swim in, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t try and dip our toes in and test the waters. Even in the off season, the pool was still perfectly clear and blue. It gives us a good excuse to come back in the warmer months!


By the time dinner rolled around, we were bursting with excitement. But if dinner was half as good as breakfast, our taste buds might just be thrown into overdrive and we may never find any other food acceptable again.

The ambiance of The Parker restaurant was lovely. There’s a glass window which allows you to view the city while you eat dinner, as well as a fire in the middle of the room which makes you want to stay there forever with a glass of wine! The staff was so helpful with Krystal and I helping us find dishes we could eat due to our gluten allergy. They made amazing suggestions and we were extremely grateful! Everything that they brought out was divine!

Our appetizer was a deconstructed Bloody Mary. Typically, when you think of a shrimp appetizer, you think of shrimp cocktail, but this was so much better and very unexpected!

For our entrees, I ordered the Parker’s Brick Chicken and Krystal ordered the Seared Scallops. I’d never had scallops before, so I was excited to finally try them! Krystal’s seared scallops came with pork belly on top of cheese grits and truffle jus. They were to die for! My chicken was so juicy I ate every last bite until I thought I could burst… and that’s when they brought us a dessert menu.

Desert was probably the hardest to decide on due to my massive sweet tooth. We finally decided on a Flourless Chocolate Skillet Cake, which was gluten free and tasted just like a fluffy chocolate cake from our good ole’ gluten eating days. Atop the cake was a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a heath bar sprinkled with sea salt. After the cake, I immediately went into a food coma, and didn’t wake until breakfast the next day. We were so sad to leave The Fontaine, but we know we’ll be back soon!

Location Details:

The Fontaine In Kansas City

Parker at The Fontaine


Ginger Snaps

Thank you to The Fontaine for the wonderful stay!

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