Life Hack: Garment Weights

That moment when, after hours of tearing your closet apart and FINALLY finding the perfect dress, you go out and realize- it’s windy.

You then realize, if you don’t change, you’re gonna be just like Marilyn Monroe… only probably not as cute.


Find something strong enough to hold your dress down, but not hold you down!


GARMENT WEIGHTS! The insanely genius device I’ve been wishing existed my entire dress wearin’ life.

These soft and flexible little weights are pure magic. They stick right next to the seam of the garment, and help weigh it down just enough so that you don’t have to worry about changing your outfit, or holding your dress down every time the wind blows. BONUS: you can’t even notice them and they’re reusable!

Just peel back, and stick near the seam of the garment!


Outfit Details:

Garment Weights c/o

Striped Dress Sold Out, Similar Here

Black Heels

Ray-Ban Clubmaster Sunglasses

Ann Revere Jewelry Ophelia Ring c/o

Ann Revere Jewelry Calypso Cocktail Ring c/o

Ann Revere Jewelry Beaded Stacking Ring c/o

Kate Spade Wellesley Durham Handbag


Ginger Snaps

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