Lauren James Mystery Box

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with mysteries. It didn’t matter whether it was the contents of the presents under our Christmas tree, or who the killer was on CSI. I had to know. Nancy Drew, the sleuthing queen, was my role model. Through her I became a sleuth master and learned exactly how to solve every mystery… except maybe what was going to be inside my Lauren James Mystery Box.

This black Friday Lauren James has cultivated the perfect mystery. It’s fashionable, affordable, and comes in a box! Their Mystery Boxes contain $300 worth of their products, but they’re practically giving it all away for only $40 a box. It’s a total steal, and is a great way to treat yo self or maybe stock up on some Christmas presents for super cheap! I couldn’t wait to open mine up, see what was inside, and try it all on. Here’s what came in my box:

This pretty pink jacket would have been worth spending the cost of the box alone. It’s so warm, functional, and I’m a sucker for a good shade of pink. I know I’m going to be wearing it a lot, especially around campus! I’m also gonna be using the tumbler cup a lot, it’s just super cute and practical!

It was absolutely freezing while we were taking these photos, so there was no way I was trying on shorts, but these are the two I received! They’re both soft, colorful, and fun even for just lounging around in.

Just trying on this vest makes me want to go glamping, or maybe just a quick hike…to the fridge.

This long sleeve sweet tee was also included in my box. It’s seriously one of the softest things I’ve ever put on my body!

There was also a key fob, which is perfect so I can quit losing my car keys all the time!

If you’re on the fence about what to get someone, or maybe want to get someone a big gift but don’t have a ton of cash, this is an amazing idea! It gives you a lot of bang for your buck, no mystery there. Conclusion: Everyone in my family might be getting one of these boxes for Christmas, sorry Dad!



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Thank you to Lauren James for sponsoring this post!

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