One Day In Seattle

The line was already down to the corner of the street by the time we got there. It was still early morning and everybody else was obviously in the mood for the most delicious biscuits in Seattle just like us. Biscuit Bitch (lol) makes buttery, soft, better than your grandma’s biscuits. BONUS: they make a small amount of gluten free ones a day and they’re AMAZING, but make sure to get there early because they sell out fast! They even have gluten free gravy. The biscuits are so big I almost couldn’t finish the whole thing…almost.

Our choices from the menu:

I had the “Bitchwich” with sausage and cheese. It was enormous and I almost made myself sick because I didn’t want to stop eating.

Krystal ordered the “Smokin’ Hot Seattle Bitch”- a biscuit with gluten free gravy, hot link sausage, whipped cream cheese and grilled onions. It was so heavy that it almost made the plate buckle as she carried it to the table. Omg.

With our bellies stuffed full, we made our way down to the bustling Pike Place market. The market was massive and full of so many different vendors that it was hard to decide where to begin.

There were flowers everywhere! We ended up making a gorgeous bouquet of peonies and dahlias and it was gigantic. It was like getting in a mini arm workout just carrying the bouquet around! Another vendor asked if we wanted to try his “Oh-my-god” peaches, and there was no way I was passing that up. We left with two pounds of peaches and the most mouthwatering cherries I’ve ever tasted that we snacked on the whole rest of our trip.

As we were finishing exploring the market, one of the vendors told us that the notorious gum wall was super close. We had never heard of it, but it sounded absolutely disgusting and totally cool at the same time. It lived up to both of those expectations. The alley was covered in thick layers of vibrantly colored gum and everyone there seemed to be chewing a piece just so they could make their contribution to the wall. I left my mark too!

After leaving behind the germs of the gum wall, we went to Kerry Park. If you want to see the city the way they portray it in the movies with the space needle front and center, this is where you wanna go! At the park, there’s an overlook with benches for sittin’ all day and admiring that gorgeous skyline and bay.Outfit Details:

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