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I remember my childhood as the time where I didn’t understand why Ariel wasn’t treated like a real princess, what the big deal was with Jesse McCartney, and why I had to have fifty AR points by the end of the week. The thing about our childhoods is that they are all adventures. We play pretend, we dream, and one day something reminds us of the days when we used to dream and be adventurous on a daily basis. For me, it was a Disney movie called UP. I can’t watch UP without crying. It gets me EVERY TIME. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and buy yourself the value pack of tissues before you do. It’ll leave you reeling for adventure, a talking dog, and to make sure you live your life as fully and as happily as Carl and Ellie did.

When my sister Krystal and I started planning our trip to Salt Lake City, we discovered there was an exact replica of the house from UP. There was no way we could go without paying a visit.

The home is located in the middle of a suburb, where you’d least expect. It’s bright and colorful, and every Disney gal’s dream home. We also couldn’t believe that a real family was making their own memories and raising their children in the Real UP house! Thank you so much Lynette for letting us do a last minute photoshoot at your wonderful home!

I was really excited to get to bust out some of my favorite new pieces from Ann Revere Jewelry while we were in Salt Lake City, too. The Crystal Drop Earrings and the Green Amethyst Pendant Necklace are the perfect duo to wear together. Since the crystals are clear, they go with every outfit. Plus you can request for them to be made in the metal of your choice (gold, silver, rose gold). I’m wearing the Delta Stacking Ring in silver, but I also have it in gold since I love it so much. This is the ring I reach for on a daily basis because it’s so versatile. BONUS: Every time I wear it someone always asks me where it’s from!

GIVEAWAY TIME: If you haven’t already seen on Instagram, one lucky follower is going to win a pair of the Crystal Drop Earrings as seen here, the Delta stacking ring, and a necklace of their choosing from Ann Revere Jewelry (AKA my absolute favorite and go-to)! Make sure to check out my Instagram post here for how to enter so you can win some of these lovely pieces!

My dress is by Kate Spade New York, a brand I’m sure Ellie would have been crazy about had it existed in UP’s wardrobe department. This perfectly light blue fit and flare is the perfect piece to pull out of your closet for special occasions. There’s nothing that makes me feel like I look better than a good fit and flare, especially a well made one. This Kate Spade dress flares just enough to hide that little pouch where you keep your extra cookies and make you forget you ever ate them in the first place- it’s just that comfortable. What sets it apart from my other fit and flare dresses though, is the neckline and the fabric. The sweetheart neckline adds and enhances curves adding a detail I really love to the silhouette. The fabric is so luxurious and visibly lustrous. Up close you can see how the light catches the fabric the way most garments just can’t.

I’m also wearing my most beloved pair of flats, Tieks. I get asked about them a lot, and I always tell people I swear by them, because I do. Tieks are the most comfortable, convenient, and stylish ballet flats I have yet to find. If you’re looking to invest in a pair of flats, these are the ones I recommend. Each pair comes with a bag to put them in, and a bag to put your other shoes in (the shoes you were wearing before you had to change into your comfy shoes). BONUS: Each pair has a super cute teal sole just like the ones I’m wearing!

These gorgeously oversized sunnies are from Free People. The big-mirrored lenses make a huge statement, and they come in several different colors every season, so if you fall in love with them (like I have) you can own them in so many different shades!

Outfit Details:

Ann Revere Jewelry Crystal Drop Earrings c/o

Ann Revere Jewelry Green Amethyst Pendant Necklace c/o

Ann Revere Jewelry Delta Stacking Ring c/o

Return To Tiffany Bead Bracelet

Kate Spade New York Structured Silk Mini Dress

Tieks Ballet Flats

Free People Abbey Road Sunglasses


The Real UP House


Ginger Snaps

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