Cate The Great And The Swampy Cove

Even if you have lived somewhere your entire life you can still find magical places around. I like to think of Kentucky Horse Park as one of those spots; in the spring there is a field of weeds so beautiful you would swear it was a purposefully planted with purple flowers. This time of year it’s dead of course, but that doesn’t mean the Horse Park doesn’t still have a few tricks up its sleeve.

The Cove always reminds me of The Secret Garden. Unfortunately there is no mysterious door, but there’s plenty of stone covered in lush green vines, and even an epic staircase! One problem though: it tends to get pretty swampy after big downpours. Thank goodness today’s outfit includes boots!




I’ve been obsessed with climber earrings ever since I saw them for the first time this fall. Their style is almost edgy but not so much so that I feel like I’m being trendy when I wear them. These feather climbers have just the right amount of sparkle; they aren’t too flashy which I appreciate. I’m not much of an accessories gal so when I shell out the cash for some jewelry you can bet I’m pretty head over heels for it.


This is also my favorite belt to wear; it’s so unique and cool that all of my other brown belts just don’t measure up anymore. If you’re going to wear a dress like this with a striped top leading straight into the skirt you really need to wear a belt, the separation a belt provides really pulls everything together.

polishedpiggy_2_5 polishedpiggy_2_6

All season this dress has been one of my favorite pieces to wear. It’s so comfortable and flattering it’s ridiculous. The tulip skirt is one of my favorite parts. The way it drapes is so flattering that even if you’re feeling self conscious about your mid section (because lets be honest who isn’t?), it’s forgiving. The skirt also gives you the look and shape a pencil skirt provides but the material is soft and flexible so you actually have the freedom to move. I also love that there are buttons on the sleeves; it’s a nice accent.




If I could own only one pair of boots I would pick these: they’re practical, functional, comfortable, and so stylish. I will be the first girl to tell you I can’t last that long in heels but these boots completely changed my mind on the wedge front; I can wear these bad boys all day long with absolutely no issues. Sorel is my absolute favorite brand for boots. My family and I own so many pairs and they are such good quality that every pair is still in rotation today. This particular pair I get more compliments on than any other they’re so badass!



She told me I could jump for a pic and well, I can’t do that without doing air guitar guys… Sorry.


My makeup was inspired by Taylor Swift, she wears some of the most beautiful looks and lately I have felt like recreating almost every single one of them. For this look I used my LORAC PRO palette; it’s my go to everyday palette that has shades for just about any look. I’m also wearing one of my favorite bright pink lipsticks NARS Schiap, it’s the perfect color to balance out a darker eye.


It may not be Valentines Day but who can pass up 70% off candy!


Outfit Details:

Anthropologie Mixied Stripe Dress

Sorel Cate The Great Wedge Boots

Harvest Climber Earrings

Anthropologie Sidonie Pom Beanie (Sold Out Last Seen HereSimilar Here)

Anthropologie Lunel Belt (Sold Out Last Seen Here & Similar Here & Here)


NARS Schiap


Ginger Snaps

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